Best Futsal Floor


We were challenged by the best Futsal leagues in the world to develop the best portable wood Futsal flooring system in the world….this is how we do it!



Futsal is one of the fastest Sports played in the world.
The highest competition demands that the players should have the perfect grip level (not to much, and not to less) and it should allow at the same time the ball to slide smoothly and fast
Not only we use the best materials but also our secret of applying the materials obtains, in the words of Futsal best player in the world, Ricardinho, the perfect balance between players grip and ball smooth sliding

Weight Distribution Wood Layer

The weight distribution layer for our Futsal Flooring system was designed to assure the right behaviour when absorption and distributing the weight of the players on the floor on to the lower elastic layer, and allow the perfect energy restitution of the system that provides the biomechanical protection and comfort to the athletes.
Also the high resistance and highest quality wood material of this distribution layer,assures the durability of our Sports Flooring System

Elastic Layer

Our elastic layer was developed to assure the right energy restitution to Futsal
This layer is responsible for the shock absorption of the vertical impact of players and also for the high level of comfort that the athletes feel when they play
It is also responsible for lowering the risk of injuries on the joints and lower back, where Futsal most sacrifices the athletes

Portable Wood Sports Flooring System

Fully portable wood Sports Flooring system with our patented fixing system IV generation
Without any specific tools our floor was developed to be the easy and fastest Portable Futsal Flooring systems in the world
Does not require any specific tools to be installed or uninstalled, has it only requires your hands and feet to do it